Our values

Our values

1) We like an informal environment

We are still one family even if there are more and more of us. We do not obsess about rules, we don’t focus on working time or who is wearing what, and we prefer to cycle to the office. We trust each other, help each other and laugh together. And we know how to work hard whenever needed.


We can rely on each other in everything, and we also perfectly complement each other. Jan manages development, Jacob holds the company together. We founded Ecomail because we wanted to create something that worked how we wanted. And so we try to surround ourselves with people who work well with us. As you can see, this is working great.
Our team

Get to know our team

Each small or large step or adjustment is thanks to people who not only know what they are doing but who do it with enthusiasm. Take a look at who we are talking about.

Jan Tlapak

CEO & Co founder

Jacob Stupka

COO & Co founder

Veronique Dostal

Marketing manager

André Kohout

Sales manager

Kristina Oubrecht


Pavel May

Head of partnerships

Petr Kral

Lead Developer


As we are not a large corporation we have a very personal approach and can dedicate ourselves to what is most important - building custom platforms that our customers enjoy using and that help them expand their business. Look who we are talking about.