15 email campaigns that sell

Daniel Belak

March 29, 2024

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Customers go through several stages in the buying process ‑ from the moment they first hear about you to the moment they become loyal to your brand. In this free guide, you'll find 15 email communication tips for each of these stages.

Valuable tips to help you reach new customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones to kick‑start your sales.

In the guide, you'll find communication tips for these stages of the buying cycle:

  • Prospective customer

Don't let site visitors just walk away.

  • Undecided customer

Increase the percentage of completed purchases.

  • Returning customer

First purchase is complete, now all efforts begin.

  • Strengthening the relationship

Nurture your clients and they won't stop buying from you.

  • The lost customer

Re‑engage the customer, even if you've lost them.

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