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Sales growth of 280% thanks to email marketing

Kate Irova

March 19, 2024

Reading time 12 minutes

The quality of the emailing tool matters. The e‑shop Skladová‑ has convinced itself of this. It entrusted its e‑mailing to the hands of SHEAN agency with a clear goal. To reduce costs and increase sales. Read how they did it thanks to Ecomail and get inspired!

SHEAN agency has been managing the e‑mailing of Skladová‑ e‑shop since December 2019.

They chose Ecomail tool for this purpose. For the e‑shop, it was about engaging a new communication channel, which proved to be highly effective.

With the help of segmentation, the e‑shop reduced the annual cost of the tool by 38% and raised the open rate to 40% compared to the original 11%.

In addition, the first year with Ecomail brought sales of over CZK 2,000,000 to the e‑shop .

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